About Me…

My name is Lisa. No unusual spelling, nothing unusual about it, except that my middle name is not Marie.

I grew up on the East Coast, near Philly, and moved to the Pittsburgh region in the mid 1990’s. I live in an older home (built around 1900) with my husband and a goofy dog, Oscar.

I’ve worked on a turkey farm, in a greenhouse, been a waitress, done clerical work as a receptionist and as an assistant to the Executive Director. I’ve been part of the IT department, worked in marketing, retail, customer service, and as an inside sales rep. I’ve worked for non-profits, newspapers, food distributors, large and small corporations. My work wardrobe has included lined flannel shirts and work gloves, heels and skirts, and jeans and T-shirts.

In 2010 I opened my own brick and mortar specialty shop. Now I’m in retail again, wearing all the hats of a small business owner; but don’t call me a “solopreneur”, I’m not that hip.

I’m a failing gardener, and beach bum who doesn’t get to the sea often enough. I hug trees (literally) and talk to plants. I’m a cook and a bit of a food snob, due to food allergies and intolerances. I’m a gift-wrapping aficionado and a maker – I crochet, knit, spin, weave, make cards, paint, decoupage, and a few other odds and end. I’m a dog and animal lover, despite my allergies. I’m a unicyclist, and occasional bike commuter. I’m a manual driver and would like my car windows to have a hand crank, please. I’m a paper calendar user, an office supply junkie, and can’t get touch screens to work.

And between all that, I’m a writer.

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