Raggedy, Monsters, and Stuff.

When I was a young child my sister and I would make our Christmas lists on Thanksgiving.  It was a family tradition, the lists went home with our Grandparents to be mailed to Santa Claus.  We put a lot of thought into those lists.  A lot.  We were told to make them long to give … Continue reading Raggedy, Monsters, and Stuff.

A dose of Christmas Spirit, please.

Thanksgiving came and went.  Now we're quickly approaching Christmas.  Christmas - what seems to be the biggest holiday of the year.  Stores and malls go crazy with holiday sales, decorations are everywhere, there's a mad rush to cram all the traditions into a short period of time, kids come home from college/school, family too,  gifts … Continue reading A dose of Christmas Spirit, please.

This Friday is, just Friday to me.

One of the great American holidays is this week - Thanksgiving.   You thought I was going to say "Black Friday" didn't you?  The fact is that Thanksgiving is one holiday that is celebrated by just about every American - regardless of visible race, creed, or political beliefs.  Many churches and community centers even go … Continue reading This Friday is, just Friday to me.