Welcome. On this website you’ll find my imagination, memories, and thoughts put to words.

  • The short stories lean towards the fantasy/science fiction genres; but not always.
  • Those tagged memoir often include some embellishment, as memory is a tricky thing. Sometime smells, colors, or feelings are more concrete than the actual event.
  • As for my essays, well, they don’t fit into either of the other categories and are often the rambling of my brain – thoughts about current events or something happening in my life that needed an outlet.
  • Book Reviews are just that, reviews of books I’ve recently finished reading.

While it might be weeks between posts, that doesn’t mean I’m not actively writing. Between my job, longer tales I’m almost always working on, and daily life, it can sometimes take months for a short story or essay to reach share-able status.

Below are my most recent scribblings. This is not an exhaustive list. If you enjoy them, please give them a like and subscribe for e-mail updates.