Here you’ll find all the posts I’ve categorized as Memoirs. This category will have some overlaps between both the Essays and the Short Stories pages – it just depends on where the inspiration came from.

Yo ho ho! And the Wind Blows Free

Funny how some things can trigger memories. I’ve had a sea shanty running through my head lately. Which means on this cold winter day, I’m thinking about the beach.

The Dragon on the Dresser

It would be a lot easier to not be afraid of the dark if it weren’t full of so many creep crawlies, monsters, and dragons.

Raggedy, Monsters, and Stuff.

When I was a young child my sister and I would make our Christmas lists on Thanksgiving.  It was a family tradition, the lists went home with our Grandparents to be mailed to Santa Claus.  We put a lot of thought into those lists.  A lot.  We were told to make them long to give…

The Crate is Empty.

  Our dog Jasmine Marie, or the Jasmanian Devil, as we liked to call her, passed away on Sunday morning.  My heart is breaking, I can’t stop crying.  I’ve lost one of my best friends.  People without pets, and even some who have pets but for whatever reason don’t get as attached to the critters,…

Curating my collection.

I’ve been told that my family surname means, loosely translated, a weed you can’t kill.  I know my Gmom wasn’t born with the same surname so it might not truly apply to her, but my paternal grandparents are still thriving.  Well, maybe not thriving, but they are doing much better than most people their age, since…

In memory

Winter’s been kicking my butt this year.  January and February are always difficult times for me, and this year is no exception.  So forgive my wander from my original intent this week.  This week I’m going to blog about one of the most inspirational women I ever knew, my mom. One of the biggest things…