On this page you’ll find writings that don’t fall neatly into the Short Story or Memoir categories – although the occasional short story or memoir will slip in.

Those in the archive dated 2014 – 2019 are from my original blog, The Goat and the Hippie Chic. Over time my goal morphed into the website you see know. Though I decided to focus on more creative writing, I didn’t want to discard over 5 years of blog entries, from my original site, The Goat and the Hippie Chick. (I refer to my hubby as The Goat). The essays in the archives dated 2014 – 2019 are from that time period. All opinions are my own.

“The Midnight Library” Reviewed

Title: The Midnight Library Author: Matt Haig Date/year published: 2020 Genre: Fantasy. Speculative Fiction. Science Fiction. Personally, I’d add philosophy as well. Format: I started it as an audio book on the Libby app but didn’t finish before my loan ran out. Purchased and finished it in print (hardback) because I knew I would want…

Enchanted by Mermaidens

Mermaidens, and anthology of 19 tales about women with tails is now available (preorder) in print and digital formats.

My Better Home

Why I no longer subscribe to DIY / Home improvement magazines.

Dirt Wizard Chucks Rocks

One evening, The Goat (hubby) and I were discussing our day, when he said something like, “all I did today was chuck rocks” (he’s a mountain bike trail steward). I said something about it being a big deal to the rocks, how else were they going to get anywhere? He snorted and told me to…


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