Short Stories

Here you’ll find short stories, tall tales, and accounts of make believe.

Cindy Goes Bump in the Night

Cindy started sleepwalking as a child and never outgrew it. It’s been a constant source of anxiety and fear. Where will she wake up? How far does she wander? What happens when she’s out on her nocturnal treks?

Dirt Wizard Chucks Rocks

One evening, The Goat (hubby) and I were discussing our day, when he said something like, “all I did today was chuck rocks” (he’s a mountain bike trail steward). I said something about it being a big deal to the rocks, how else were they going to get anywhere? He snorted and told me to … Continue reading Dirt Wizard Chucks Rocks

Droning Silence

We recently watched a documentary series about math and shapes. The Giant’s Causeway was featured in an episode and it inspired this tale.

Good Galaxies to Us All

It’s reporting to the High Council of Intergalactic Species Relations, the HCISR, that is never a speedy process. And so, over time, after many Galactic Standard Years on the job, Galorg has become accustomed to waiting. And watching.


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