Book Reviews

I will try to use the same format for each review. It’ll look something like this*:

Title: (Self-explanatory. Will be in the post title.)

Author: (Also self-explanatory.)

Date/year published: (Relevant if book contains hot topics or triggers.)

Genre: (Again, self-explanatory.)

Format: (Print, e-pub, or audio. Format can affect a book’s pacing or interpretation by the reader/listener.)

Why did I choose to read it: (Am I reading it for a purpose, because I liked the cover, or some other silly reason?)

Synopsis: (Usually taken from book cover or reference.)

Thoughts: (Pretty self-explanatory. Will try to note spoilers.)

Would I re-read or recommend it? (Again, pretty self-explanatory, but reveals a lot about a book.)

I hope these reviews will help you find great books you may not have considered, encourage you to open the cover of that one you’ve been meaning to get to, or even not read the one you were on the fence about. Whatever your favorite genre, turn that first page, swipe to open, or press play. There are gazillions of stories out there waiting for you.

*There are a few, two or three, book reviews from my original blog, The Goat and the Hippie Chick. They do not follow this format.

“The Midnight Library” Reviewed

Title: The Midnight Library Author: Matt Haig Date/year published: 2020 Genre: Fantasy. Speculative Fiction. Science Fiction. Personally, I’d add philosophy as well. Format: I started it as an audio book on the Libby app but didn’t finish before my loan ran out. Purchased and finished it in print (hardback) because I knew I would want…