Too Much Time Thinking about Time

Time. It's a concept that we spend a lot of, well, time, thinking about - even when we aren't. Most of us have a routine, which is nothing more than an allocation of how we spend blocks of time. We sleep, eat, work, and relax at the same general time of day, week, or year. … Continue reading Too Much Time Thinking about Time

Newsworthy happy endings.

Over the past few weeks I've heard or read articles about people who were living in a manner deemed sub-par, substandard, or not normal.  Somehow these people were considered to be newsworthy.   Two particular cases stand out in my mind. The first case that stands out is a local man who was labeled "homeless". … Continue reading Newsworthy happy endings.

What? The Curtains?

I took a "Snow Day" earlier this week.  School was delayed, due to the snow.  I attempted to go to my shop, but less than half way there, I turned around and went home.  Instead of dealing with the winter weather outright, I made curtains. There are a few different styles of winter weather.  There … Continue reading What? The Curtains?