Critter Control Sans Dog.

As you know, if you follow my blog, we lost our dog in May.  I still miss her, and I knew she was an active hunter.  But I didn't realize just how great of a hunter she really was, or just how good she was at her job.  I'm finding out that critter control was a … Continue reading Critter Control Sans Dog.

The Crate is Empty.

  Our dog Jasmine Marie, or the Jasmanian Devil, as we liked to call her, passed away on Sunday morning.  My heart is breaking, I can't stop crying.  I've lost one of my best friends.  People without pets, and even some who have pets but for whatever reason don't get as attached to the critters, … Continue reading The Crate is Empty.

Jasmine, our urban farm dog.

  As you have seen from other posts, we have a terrier, an Airedale, "The King of the Terriers" to be specific.  I was recently reading dog book from the 1960's that described the breed as hardy, tough as nails, loyal, goofy, and intelligent.  In a separate part of the book, the part that helps … Continue reading Jasmine, our urban farm dog.