What’s in your dresser?

  I'm a huge advocate for buying American made products and keeping manufacturing and production jobs in the U.S..  Honestly, I don't really have anything against other countries specifically, and let's be honest, some are well known and respected for the manufacturing or production of a particular item.  The Swiss are known for their time pieces, … Continue reading What’s in your dresser?

How can I keep the local shops Merry and Bright?

I've been seeing headlines everywhere about who/what is open on Thanksgiving and what's on sale on Black Friday.  I am not a shopper, and as someone who's trying to cut back on stuff, retail shopping goes against every effort to purge stuff from my home and life.  However, like most of you, I have people … Continue reading How can I keep the local shops Merry and Bright?

Are all small shop purchases necessary?

One of the regular internal debates I have with myself deals with the issues of a consumer driven economy. I'm personally trying to reduce my consumption of unnecessary goods, and changing my ideas about what is necessary. This alone, can be a daunting task. Having been born well after WWII, during an era of economic … Continue reading Are all small shop purchases necessary?