So yesterday I was passing some time between storms and I did a bit of weeding in and around the pallets.

I discovered that my popcorn plants looked like they were being munched, from the top. Hmm. I wondered what type of critter was getting past the Jasmanian Devil…and if it was the Jasmanian Devil herself, since she tends to eat grass and corn is a grass.

My hunch was I right. The stinker was eating my corn! While I was weeding the path nearby, I caught her grazing at what she thinks is a salad bar! So as you can see, I installed a fence. It’s not fancy or pretty and I don’t know if it will work. Guess we’ll find out soon.

Along the same lines, our blueberry fence only worked marginally. She managed to jump (with a running start) the lowest section. She got stuck inside the fence because she couldn’t jump back out. That’s how I busted her eating our blueberry flowers. She also sticks her head through the open parts of the fence, this I figured she would do. I had hoped that it would allow her to eat just enough to keep her from cleaning the bushes bare! After she was caught jumping the fence, The Goat installed some chicken wire above the part she was jumping. So now (hopefully) she can only reach a certain height when poking her head through the open bits. We may still get a few blueberries this year- if the birds don’t get them first.

3 thoughts on “Busted!

  1. My last Airedale Terrier loved eating crab grass so much, I left a spot in our front yard for her. She immediately buzzed straight to that spot every time she went out the front door for our walk. I had to wait for her to finish, or at least get enough that she was ok to move on for our walk.
    Around 1921, my father was taking care of 20 Airedales. Then when I came along, we had Airedales until I was in high school. Then, since I was 23, I have had Airedales. They are part of my blood, I hate calling them dogs-they are too special for that. I just lost my last Airedale last month, and I am reaching out to all Airedale lovers to keep me in mind if you hear of any Airedale that needs a home. For personal reasons, I have to find one without the help of the local rescue organization.
    Thank you!!

    1. They sure do keep life interesting. I grew up with a ‘dale and Jas is our (me and The Goat’s) second ‘dale. I left a patch of grass in one of my flower beds just for her, which is why I suspected her from the start 🙂 .

      1. We found our next Airedale to fill our life. We won’t be looking for any more. Thanks for any efforts to help us find another wonderful Airedale.

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