Just like in the garden, growth takes time.

The spinach, radishes, and broccoli are sprouting.  The peas are shooting upwards on their trellis.  It looks like I might have a few rogue cucumbers (at least that’s what I think they are) whose seeds survived the winter composting process and are now sprouting elsewhere in the garden.

For now, I just enjoy being outside.  I’ve had a difficult winter, and still feel as if I’m waiting for a stretch of sunny days, both literally, and figuratively.  While the rain is good, and the plants respond well to it, unlike plants, I don’t always respond well to the cloudy, overcast, and stormy days the rain brings with it.

But I’m trying.  I’m trying to adapt.  I’m trying to see the positive side more often than not.  I’m trying to get outside every chance I get.  I’m trying to exercise more.  I’m trying to support The Goat as he moves through a trying transition at work.  I’m trying to balance my business and personal life.  With some of these goals I’m finding success, with others, not so much.

While I may get overwhelmed with my day to day activities and my attempts at improvement, I need to remember that my daily growth may be minimal, but given enough time, change and growth happens.  Eventually the hops take over, the peas need shelled, and the cucumbers are abundant.  But today, they are tiny sprouts.  When my work to-do list becomes monstrous and I can’t even begin to think about what to make for dinner, let alone remain positive about the latest set-back, I need to remember that growth always continues in the garden, and it will in my life too.

Resting between excavation projects.  Airedale's have it rough.
Resting between excavation projects. Airedale’s have it rough.

The current limited produce production of our veggie garden doesn’t detract from my spending time in my yard; the little setbacks of life shouldn’t detract from my attempts at living well.  I like the noises of our little urban plot (and believe me it’s quite noisy).  I enjoy soaking in the sunshine when it’s available.  I like to sit under the trees.  I laugh at the Jasmanian Devil’s antics.  I find joy in looking at the ferns unfurling and the little baby plants growing in the garden beds. Our garden is always growing.  When modern life gets to be too loud, dark, or glaring, stepping into the garden is a great way to retreat and to be reminded that sometimes growth, real, productive growth, takes time.