You may go.

It seems that so many people are in their own little worlds these days, they don’t seem to notice that there are others inhabiting the same space as them and that their actions impact many others.  I’m trying not to fall into that trap.  But it’s a difficult struggle, a bit like looking for the Lightning Sand in the Fire Swamp.  You know the sand is there, but so are other nasty bits, and being diligent watching for everything, leaves you exhausted and unable to focus on just one trap or snare.

And that’s the struggle for me these days, I’m so disappointed in the larger sense of entitlement and selfishness in society that I’m trying hard not to be selfish and to daily remember that everyone, I mean everyone, is also struggling and important in some way.  However, I’m having a difficult time with this because there is a fine line between compassion and being a door mat.  Where is the line in the (lighting) sand?  When is it OK to stand up for oneself and act in a manner that some would call selfish?

We probably all have that one person or type of person that just always annoys us.  What do we do about them?  Usually I can find a way to put up with them, after all, not everyone likes me either.  But every now and then, I just really can’t relate or understand someone, I struggle to see the spark of whatever it is that makes us human in them.  I don’t care what you call this spark –  “The Force”, “The Light”, “The Spirit”, “Soul”, “The Yin/Yang” or “The Divine Spark”, – I just know that sometimes, for me, when I have a difficult time sensing it in others, the best thing for me to do is to let them go.

To some people this seems cold, calculated, and selfish.  But is it really?  Why should we have to associate with people who only cause us stress?  Just to be nice?  No.  Being nice is bringing someone daisies because they were on sale at the grocery store and you know the recipient’s favorite flowers are daisies.  Being nice is taking care of a friend’s pet while they are out of town.  Being nice is baking a birthday cake for someone, because you wanted to.  Associating with people who cause you to worry, panic, feel inferior, or are mean to you, because you’re trying to be nice can slowly smother that little spark of humanity with in you.  Being nice shouldn’t be hard to do, and it shouldn’t be stressful.  Sometimes we need to be selfish – to preserve ourselves – in order to keep our own Light shining.

And there’s my struggle.  Who, and when, do I let people go?  Sometimes it’s easier than others.  Sometimes I let people linger in my life longer than they should.  But I’m trying to break that habit too.  If you seem to be leaning towards “The Dark Side”, and dragging down those around you, I don’t need to be associated with you.  You may go.  My life is full of nice people, you are not one of them.