Claim your community.

Things have been a bit crazy lately.  There's been so much going on, both at home and at the shop, that I feel a bit unhinged.  I've been trying to maintain a regular routine that includes exercise, meditation/devotions, and regular sleeping patterns, but these days, it just doesn't feel like enough. So, right now one … Continue reading Claim your community.

City or country? We’re all neighbors.

  I am a city dweller.  Our city, Butler, might not look as urban as some cities.  That's because like many cities of it's size, it is the county seat of a rural county.  While this makes for some interesting demographics it doesn't change the fact that Butler is a city.  Butler has an "average" city … Continue reading City or country? We’re all neighbors.

Location, location, location.

"Wherever you are, be all there." - Jim Elliot Bloom where you're planted. Two different quotes, but they share many similarities.  The idea of location has been in my thoughts a lot this week. Recently a friend announced he was moving.  Many of us knew this was a possibility, the announcement still made many of … Continue reading Location, location, location.