I must confess, this unseasonably warm weather has me enthralled.  I just want to go outside and play in the dirt.  But Spring doesn't officially get hear for another week or so, and our last frost date is still months (yes months!) away.  Even as I remind myself not to get carried away by the … Continue reading Uprooted.

Shh…it’s a secret (garden)!

I like to look at real estate.  It probably drives The Goat mad.  I don't have immediate plans to move, and I do like our house.  But I keep looking at local properties, it's a bit of a hobby. So recently I wondered why I do this?  Our house is paid for, we've got a … Continue reading Shh…it’s a secret (garden)!


  So yesterday I was passing some time between storms and I did a bit of weeding in and around the pallets. I discovered that my popcorn plants looked like they were being munched, from the top. Hmm. I wondered what type of critter was getting past the Jasmanian Devil...and if it was the Jasmanian … Continue reading Busted!